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All curtains are dry cleaned using specially manufactured solvents that ensure the most delicate dry cleaning process possible for the individual fabric…
There is a perception that when curtains are drycleaned it can effect the weight of the fabric and the most frequently asked question we receive is ‘will the goodness go out of them’?! ‘Will They lose shape/weight etc’?!
The answer to this is definitely NO!!

The solvents and retexturing process that all curtains receive will keep them looking as new. Most customers who have their curtains dry cleaned with us actually find that when they re-hang their curtains they sit much better, this is due to the retexturing process that we use. It ensures that the fabric maintains its shape, weight and structure..

Our staff undergo continuous training to ensure that they are fluent with new materials/fabrics and drycleaning methods as we continue our efforts to bring you the best service available..